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Awards and Accolades

"Arts, Sciences, Literature" Silver Medal Award- Paris, France.

In 2000, Silvia Thornton was the first American artist to win the Jean Urbaek Award in Paris, France from Le Society International Des Beaux Arts.

Biblical Arts Center Exhibition in Dallas, TX

Texas Art Museum First Place Award in Port Arthur, TX

"Chrimson and Clover'" National Watercolor Society Award Winner

"Trompe l'oeil at it's best" The Fort Woth Star Telegram

Achieved Signature Status into National Watercolor Society

Long Island University Award in Long Island, NY

"Silvia Thornton's work is multilayered... What she portrays gives a provocative look into a mind worth paying attention to. Like an onion that one peels layer by layer, the viewer has the option to choose which level to see her art from. From her translcent treatment of opaque forms to her acid etchings, the effect is like the veil within the veil... " From " Lessons of Humanity in the Arts" Conversations with Silvia Thornton by Deb Dennison

"Her mental concept and her visual communications join in aesthetic harmony" The Turtle Creek News